Wisdom Lamp 3A ATEX

ATEX ib Gb Certified Explosion-proof LED Headlight. Cordless miner’s cap lamp. Rechargeable, USB charging. Explosion-proof, ATEX GROUP II. Water-proof, IP69.


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  • Hermetically sealed compliance with IP69
  • Tolerance of torture and impact
  • Rotatable and mountable clip onto helmet
  • Rechargeable appliance with dual Panasonic 1,200 charge cycles Li-ion batteries
  • 100,000 hours life span Cree LED source
  • Two operating modes
  • Ambient temperature from -4°F (-20℃) to 104°F (40℃)
  • 5 hours charge time upon 5V input
  • 240 lumens (11,000 Lux) and 13 hours long lasting in high brightness mode
  • 230 yards (210 meters) illuminating range
  • 120 illuminating degrees
  • S.O.S effect

Technical data

Rated Capacity
Rated Voltage
Continous Discharging Time
HI 13H, LO 60H
Main Light Working Current
80 mA (LO) 570mA (HI)
Main Light Power
0.24W (LO) 1.6W (HI)
Main Light Luminous Flux
50LM (LO) 240LM (HI)
Lamp Lighting Degree (Initial Lighting Degree in 1m)
1,800lx (LO) 11,000ls (HI)
Main Light Life Span
100,000 h
Auxiliary Light Power
Short Circuit Protection Time
< 320μs
Life Span of the Battery (rechargable)
1,200 Cycles (in reasonable working condition)
Charging Time
84x69x50mm (3.3x2.7x2.0in)
169g 5.96 oz