EXSTRE strain relieving devices eliminate the problems associated with cable pull socks that are prevalently used for strain relief in the mining industry. Quicker to install, built to last – EXSTRE makes safety a priority.

Considerable cost-savings

Where does the cost savings come from? If on average, you’ll need a new pull sock per machine three times in one year, the costs start to rack up quickly. EXSTRE devices help you to focus on what really matters, eliminating those recurring expenses.
5x more

durable than pull socks

Our products are developed to meet the demands of the most challenging conditions. Unlike the traditional pull socks, which are prone to break and rust in daily usage, EXSTRE devices have a long service life and superior user comfort. That is because of the high quality materials, like nylon and stainless steel.

quicker to install

It takes approx. five minutes to install a reusable EXSTRE strain relief device, while changing a pull sock can last over an hour if electrician is needed.

choice for workers

Pull socks are prone to break, rust and get torn quite fast in daily usage, which leads to increase in safety risks, such as cuts and other hand injuries.
Work also

as a stopper

EXSTRE strain relieving devices also work as stoppers when the cable is rolled back in, which is an useful additional safety feature lacking in pull socks.

Our products

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