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Cost effective occupational safety

EXSTRE strain relieving device is a patented Finnish product developed to eliminate the problems of cable pull socks that are currently the popular choice for strain relief. Pull socks are prone to rusting and breaking; e.g. the metal parts of the sock can cut through the electrical cable sheath and cause short circuits and serious health hazards. Pull socks also increase the likelihood of cuts and other hand injuries. A pull sock that undergoes the rigors of the daily usage gets damaged approx. a month from the installation date. In addition to safety risks, this also leads to unnecessary delays.

  • Improved workplace safety
  • Avoid delays
  • Decreased costs
  • Electrically insulating

Durable and easy to install

EXSTRE devices, developed and tested in rough mining environments, are made from durable high-quality materials, nylon and acid-resistant steel. These entirely reusable devices provide great savings compared to the traditional alternatives when the indirect costs of changing the pull sock is taken into consideration. Additionally, no electricians are needed in the installation process, saving both money and time.

  • Incredible durability
  • Reusability
  • The easiness and speed of installation
  • No electrician needed