TJA-Mechanic Oy’s EXSTRE -strain relievign device has been developed to eliminate the problems of cable pull socks that are currently in use, when they are being used for strain relief, for example in power cables of mining machinery as well as in water hoses and especially in the end of the plug/clip, which are being handled several times on a daily basis. Pull socks in addition to other qualities, break, rust and get torn quite fast in daily usage, which leads to increase in the safety risks, such as cuts and wounds to hands are more likely. Additionally broken pull socks cause unnecessary work and expenses.

In practise it has been noticed, that a new pull sock in daily usage gets damaged in approximately a month from the installation date.

For example: If a pull sock breaks from the electric cable, there may occur a break in the production. An electrician will need to disassemble the plug so that the sock can be replaced. At worst this is a several hours of work.

EXSTRE strain relieving device saves with it’s initial purchase price on average 2-3 times the sum that that is caused by the indirect costs of changing the traditional pull sock.

EXSTRE strain relieving device has been manufactured from durable high quality materials, nylon and acid resistant steel. The high quality of the products has been ensured by the trustworthy subcontractor chain. The products have been developed and tested in rough mining environments. The products are also reusable.

The benefits of EXSTRE strain relieving device:

• Improved workplace safety
• Decreased costs
• Better user comfort
• Incredible durability
• Reusability
• The easiness and speed of installation
• No electrician necessarily needed
• Works also as a stopper when the cable is rolled back in





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